The Blue Rose has been blooming secretly since October. The news broke two weeks ago that a new Twin Peaks magazine was ready for the world. John Thorne, 13 years with Wrapped In Plastic magazine, Scott Ryan, 6 years with The Red Room Podcast, would be the managing editors. Courtenay Stallings, 5 years with The Red Room Podcast, would be the associate editor. Rounding out the staff would be blogger Mya McBriar and artist Geneva Rougier. The magazine would be born on the day that Laura Palmer died, February 24th. All it would take is to launch a website, and let the donuts fall where they may.

The Twin Peaks Unwrapped Podcast has the full staff on their Feb 20th podcast. You can listen and hear how the project was born and what the articles are all about. (We did hold a few surprises back, so there is some fun stuff you won’t know about till you get the magazine.) But there are some things you do need to know about.

  1. It is available digitally and in hard copy.
    We went back and forth about how to offer the magazine. In the end, the readers are going to have the long term say. We want it to work so that we can offer both, but it will depend on sales. This is why we are not taking subscriptions at this point, because we aren’t sure which form the magazine will take in the long run.
  2. Pricing changes once it is released.
    Digital copies at Amazon and iTunes are $3.99 and our available now.
    Pre-sales for the hard copies are available only at our website. We are taking orders until March 14th for $7.50 (plus shipping). On March 15th they go up to $8.50 (plus shipping). We are doing this so we know how many to order for the first run.
  3. We will have a new issue every 4 months.
    We know for sure that on Feb 24, June 24 and Oct 24 there will be a new issue of The Blue Rose Magazine (BRM). We have had tons of questions on if the issues can come out more frequently. They might, but later. We are still learning costs, demand and the amount of time it takes to produce a high quality magazine. We want this to be a marathon, so we will pace ourselves. We may do bonus issues if we find that there is time and material.
  4. Can you help or contribute?
    Yes and yes. Mostly we need help spreading the word. We also would love to sell them in stores, so if you have a local comic book store, ask them if they want to carry us. Right now, we only have one store carrying us in Columbus, Ohio. Records Per Minute. Please post about the magazine, share and retweet. This magazine is here to celebrate the world of Twin Peaks. It is for the community written by fans of the community. Any and all promotion is good.
    We are taking submissions at Send us your pitch and we will let you know. Same goes for fan art. Right now, we can’t pay anyone, but we will promote your art, Twitter accounts and any products you have out there. The fun of a digital magazine is that we can link directly to your social media.

So head out to and place your order for the digital copy before 2-24 and the hard copy before 3-14. We will be shipping the hard copies on 3-24. We are hoping to cut this time down by 2 weeks for Issue 2. Remember we are just a start up company and are trying to make it in a world where corporations do their best to make sure the small guy can’t do something like this. We are here to say there is still a place for the little guy. If not in Twin Peaks, then who knows where. We are truly honored to cover a show that means the world to us, just like it does to you. We still aren’t over the fact that just like the series, it is happening again.

Check out Issue #1

Ask us any questions on Twitter.

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Watch a Promo for Issue #1


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